Bio - Earth That Was

Originally posted by theothergray at Bio: Michael Gray
Name: Michael Gray
LJ: theothergray
Fandom: Heroes OC
Played by: Adam Levine
Canon Break: Heroes based OC
Planet of Origin: Deadwood
Intuitive Aptitude
I was selected when I was twelve years old. The Alliance representatives that came to our house told my parents that I was carrying genetic markers that made me special. My parents were thrilled. They’d wanted so much more for me than to raise me on some backwards moon at the outer fringe of the ‘Verse. They took me away on their shiny ship to the Core where I went to a special school where my innate curiosity and aptitude were encouraged.

I was quick, the first in my class at the Suresh Academy. I was selected to become an Operative when I was done with school. I was trained in combat, tactics and manipulation by the best. But even with all that I had accomplished I knew there was something more. I was different. But I didn’t find out just how different until I met another like me.

His name was Sylar. He showed me how to feed the monster that was clawing at my soul. He taught me how to find the power that hid inside of their brains and how to make it mine. I felt no guilt for the killing. They weren’t like me, like us, we’re the next step of evolution.

We serve the Alliance. They’re a means to an end. We serve in the shadows, doing the Alliance’ bidding when it serves our interest. Sylar says it’s better not to sit on the throne but to control the stings of the puppet who does.