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theothergray's Journal

Michael Gray
11 June
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Name: Michael Gray
LJ: theothergray
Fandom: Heroes OC
Played by: Adam Levine
Canon Break: OC
Ability: Intuitive Aptitude, telepathy
Michael is Gabriel's twin, obviously not identical. Michael was sold by Samson along with Gabriel. He watched Samson kill his mother only unlike Gabriel, Michael didn't forget what happened. He was very protective of Gabriel, and he'd have done anything for him growing up. When their adoptive father, Martin, left Virginia, the boys were devastated, and Virginia's mental state meant they had to rely on each other more and more.

When Michael was sixteen he felt the hunger for the first time, a good decade before Gabriel felt his. Before he knew what he was doing, he'd pushed Madison Aubry down a flight of stairs, and then he let his fingers do the walking through her blood and brains. The police decided it was an accident, and Michael was sent home with his mother. But he knew better. He also knew that Virginia suspected that he'd killed her. Madison's power was telepathy, and Michael was overrun by the thoughts of everyone around him. The only person whose thoughts didn't hurt him was Gabriel.

Virginia's suspicion and the guilt of what he'd done drove Michael to suicide. He slit his wrists, and was found close to death in the bathtub by Gabriel. The state took Michael away from Virginia when he confessed to killing Madison. Michael was deemed not-guilty by reason of insanity and locked up. Virginia never visited him, and Gabriel blacked out Michael's suicide attempt just like he did his mother's murder. In time he forgot all about his brother.

Michael is locked up in a state mental hospital where he is heavily drugged because of his frequent violent outbursts.